Thursday, July 27, 2017


(Ed.'s Note: The new remodeled county facility on Levee Street isn't even open yet and it is obvious we already have some serious security problems. This photo was taken Wednesday at about 8 p.m. from the Foncerradas' Hueso del Fraile folk music bistro on Elizabeth Street. According to our source, he was walking down Elizabeth when he noticed two men climbing the unguarded stairs on the building and making their way to the roof. There was no security to be seen around the building and their girlfriends (in the foreground seated on a bench between both pickup trucks) were cheering them on.

The two men were carrying cameras and took some pictures from the top of the roof. They then bent over and were busy doing something that could not be seen from six stories below. One of them took the time to  impress the women and sat dangling his feet over the edge of the building. The two could be seen strolling at the top until they got tired of their prank and descended to the cheers of their impressed companions.

Who would be liable if one of these clowns fell off the building? And why did the [Noble Contractors] work crew leave the side ladder down so anyone could simply slither through the chain link fence and climb all the way to the roof? Who is minding the store, for God's sake? Has the building been left unguarded all this time? )


Anonymous said...

Bungee at LA CATORCE bar was fun, no. So is this, juanito! Juegala fria, bro.

Anonymous said...

Culo, bro.

Anonymous said...

Como dice el vato, "y que?!!!!!"

Diego Lee Rot said...

I'm proud of those kids

Anonymous said...

Too bad Jim can't say that about you , pendejo !