Thursday, July 27, 2017


By Dean Putegnat
Red Fish Recycling

Dear Friends,

Here we go again! 

After the businesses of Brownsville rallied together to question the validity of the process by which your trash service provider would be decided for you, the City of Brownsville issued another RFP (request for proposals) in July of 2017. 

 The current qualifications essentially eliminates the previous lowest bidder, by $4 million, from qualifying to compete in the process.


The City of Brownsville has mandated that all companies responding to the RFP must maintain current franchise contracts with five municipalities of comparable size in Texas. This mandate eliminates companies which have experience in open markets. Even if their customer volume and financial stability exceeds the minimum requirements outlined in the new RFP these companies will not be allowed to participate in the bid process.

Franchise Market: The city chooses one trash provider through a bidding process. Businesses have no choice in who will be their trash provider. The city of Brownsville has chosen the same provider for the last 30 years.

Open Market: Businesses select the trash provider of their choice. Any qualified trash provider may solicit your business in the City of Brownsville. Multiple companies compete and earn your business based on merit.

Would Brownsville businesses benefit from an Open Market?

An Open Market requires trash service providers to compete for your business based on:

As local businesses, we have to compete for our customers. Why shouldn't our trash provider have to compete for our business?

The City of Brownsville will tell you, "we need the 20 percent franchise fee for other beneficial projects". The truth is we can have both! We can have an Open Market and the franchise fee to the City of Brownsville. Other municipalities are able to achieve this same outcome; Houston, Laredo, San Antonio and Austin.

FACTS of Open Markets vs. Franchise Markets:

Laredo, TX - Open Market
Price of GMS in Laredo for one 8 yard container 1x/week $125.50/month
Brownsville, TX – Franchise Market
Price of GMS in Brownsville for one 8 yard container 1x/week $195.60/month
As businesses of Brownsville, we should have the right to choose our trash providers and demand they earn our business based on merit, in the same way, we earn our customer’s business.

Please forward along to your friends in business if you agree.

Based on the current RFP, The City of Brownsville plans to award a franchise contract to one provider. The mayor and your commissioners were elected by the citizens to serve the citizens. An open market is the better option for the citizens of Brownsville. This issue needs to be on the agenda at the next city commission meeting.


Anonymous said...

Actually, it is a good idea. The city wants experienced companies, not neighborhood outfits with little to offer. Go, mayor!

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of paying so much for my business garbage. I think I should reduce my political contributions to the City elected folks by the amount difference between Laredo and Brownsville. Better yet, stop my contributions all together to the current group and support some new folks that have the interest of business in mind.

Joe Vandiver said...

Actually, GMS had zero experience when they were awarded the franchise contract 30 years ago. They did have deep political ties.

Anonymous said...

Really? Actually, GMS had no experience when awarded the franchise 30 years ago. They did have deep political influence.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Redfish Recycling is part of Marck Industries who has 11 locations across the Mid-West, Louisiana, Texas and Mexico. They have over 20 years experience in Solid Waste Collection, employ more than 175 employees and maintain a fleet of over 40 trucks.

Anonymous said...

Redfish whining too much. Nobody likes a whiner, dude.

Dean Putegnat said...

I agree, I usually use the term "baby". Re-read this letter to the Brownsville businesses. The business community spends $10,000,000 per year on trash service, the potential savings/re-investment in our community will be substantial.

Anonymous said...

Fucking statist cockroaches eat 20% and shit on the rest

Anonymous said...