Tuesday, July 18, 2017


By Juan  Montoya

Several classes of students at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley think they got shoddy treatment from the school's administration after they were told by email that the courses they were taking were being cancelled for the semester.

In some cases, some students said in social media that the the teachers were holding classes and they were taking notes when the notices arrived in their electronic mail.

The sudden cancellations left some students in the lurch and searching to see if more students could take the classes in Summer 2.

The administration only told students that they "regret to inform you that your (course)...has been cancelled from your Summer 2
schedule" and directs them to contact the department and "apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you."


AT said...

Ever since UTPA took over UTB this has been the norm. Vela and Lucious don't give two flying fucks.

Anonymous said...

i'm okay with this. we need trash collectors who do not need a degree. Point them to the service industry, UTRGV!

BobbyWC said...

While the story is important to educate students to keep an eye on the number of students enrolled in their course so they can take acion in advance and recruit students or change to a different time, this has zilch to do with UTRGV. In the 70's over the summer courses were cancelled all of the time and there was no computer to tell us.

Now for the troll, try googling the issue to find the facts. College enrollment has been down throughout the country for 5 years. I guess it is because of UTRGV. Here BBA graduates run for minimum wage jobs at Staples in hopes of a management position some day. A BBA, BA, or BS is no better than a high school diploma. My grandnephew just graduated highschool as a avionics mechanic, and after one more year at the community college which is essentially free he will be formally licenced. He will be earning $100,000 a year at age 19, nearly 20. His counsins are saddled with student loans and are still working as waiters because only a small percentage find good jobs even if you graduate a good private university. In some districts teachers earn more the assistant DA's.

here are the facts you seem to not want to know.

"For the fifth straight year, more adults are ditching college for jobs.
By the beginning of December, both undergraduate and graduate fall-term enrollment declined by 1.4% to 19.01 million students, according to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, a nonprofit education organization. The drop represents a 1.59 million student decrease, compared to 20.6 million in 2011 when enrollment peaked."

Without a masters you have nothing, and even a large number of people with a masters cannot find work. Most law school graduates have to open their own practice because there are no jobs.

None of this has anything to do with UTRGV. Nearly every lawyer I know in DFW is switching over to teaching because they can still work very part time as a lawyer doing simple divorces, while earning a better living as a teacher.

Hell my neices husband went from being a Mercedes mechanic to getting his teaching certificate to teach through BOCEs [a state wide education program for technical training and certification at the high school level] in NY auto mechanics at the high school level. After a hand full of years he is already over $100,000. A lot more than Mecedes was paying him.

He got his training in highschool never went to college. NY unlike Texas has real lawyers who can read No Child Left Behind. You do not have to be a college graduate. The point of the law was to test people in their profession for excellence, and then have them take a few education cources for a year be certified.

College is a losing game unless you are going to be an engineer where you can earn good money if you can find a job with your BS.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Oliveira was instrumental in this mess

Anonymous said...

That's why the online university business model has been growing at a 14% per year for the last 10 years. Utb and now Utrgv are not that appealing as once before given all options now available.

AT said...

Bobby, where are you getting your facts from?

Anonymous said...

Join border patrol $100k salary after 5 years only GED is required. Plus they pay your student loans! 20 year retirement.

Diego Lee Rot said...

I know a guy who keeps showing up to work years after being fired

Anonymous said...

I would vote for Bobby Wightman and Juanito Montoya and not vote for Rene Oliveira and Lucio. . No sir

Anonymous said...

Jerry McHale = corriente

Anonymous said...

Cris Valadez for County Judge

Anonymous said...

John Brusiak for State Senator

BobbyWC said...

To AT, you prove a point. YOu can type your question but are not skilled enough to google college enrollment down. The articles are endless. As to NY I speak of family members.

Here are the numbers for ADA's Dallas for the amount of time you have to go to school and the debt you earn it is not worth it. A teacher with the same amount of time on the job, with a part time job over the summer can make the same money without incurring he debt. And still I can tell you if you are not 25 when you graduate and at the top of our class, you will not get one of the 150k or more jobs which require 80 hr weeks for several years.


Anonymous said...

Shut the fucking fuck up, Blimp! Go to the VA already! LOL. Vato inutil.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Bobby something and what does he do? He seems to have the answer for everything, so why don't we elect him mayor and get things done around this Downtown. El Tone no vale nada! Delen una patada!