Tuesday, July 18, 2017


By Juan Montoya
The dust hasn't cleared on the San Benito Recordingsgate scandal.
Less than a week after the City Attorney Ricardo Morado said three "outside investigative agencies" cleared Police Chief Michael Galvan of any wrongdoing in connection with some 500 privately recorded conversations that were leaked to the public, a concerned citizens group has questioned the legitimacy of the probe,

"Concerned Citizens of San Benito disagree with outside agencies reviewing the recordings. When
recordings started to circulate among the public, Commissioner Rene Villafranco warned
Chief Galvan about the leak. Almost immediately Galvan started erasing the recordings
from computer.

"How can agencies review recordings when they were erased? In addition we have reviewed almost 100 recordings in a longer time. Someone is lying," said Concerned Citizens of San Benito Ben Cortez in response to the city's press statement that the matter was over.

The group's statement also raises other allegations:

"From Chief Galvan’s own words come various violations that include abuse of office,
official oppression, obstruction, evidence tampering, retaliation, sexual harassment and
other departmental and city policies including ethics. In addition, he ridicules the Mayor,
a Justice of the Peace, the District Attorney and Assistant District Attorney with no
supporting documentation."

"I am sure there is more to come out when all recordings are reviewed. In closing, I would like to ask you “who records himself and other officers urinating”? This individual has no business wearing a badge, let alone carry a gun. Terminate Galvan. The recordings need to made public so San Benito Citizens know who Galvan really is."

Gomez declined to disclose the name of the outside law enforcement agencies which investigated the matter and issued only the press release regarding the investigation’s findings.  The commissioners commissioners launched the investigation after Galvan’s recordings were downloaded from the police department’s computer system. Nearly 500 of those recordings were apparently downloaded from a public server at the San Benito Public Library and distributed to individuals.

The Valley Morning Star reported that Officer Guadalupe Andrade said her attorney will determine if she will continue to pursue a sexual harassment case based on a conversation between Galvan and former Police Chief Martin Morales.

In a May 31 letter to commissioners, Andrade wrote the recent disclosure of Galvan’s private recordings show Morales agreed to dismiss her sexual harassment case to protect Galvan about two years ago.

Galvan’s recordings apparently reveal an hour-long conversation with Morales in which Morales agrees to “keep it to himself and that no one needs to know” and “this could blow up in our faces and ruin our careers and positions,” according to Andrade’s letter.

City Manager Manuel de la Rosa told the daily that he would conduct an inquiry to see if Galvan had violated the city's administrative procedures.


Anonymous said...

So what?!!!! Means nothing to me!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well if it's true. It better mean something to someone.

Anonymous said...

Shut up Galvan!! Lol

Anonymous said...

Don't worry chief galvan you will come out of this unscathed. After all you have a green light with the MAYOR,CITY COMMISSION,CITY MANAGER AND CITY ATTORNEY.

Anonymous said...

While they investigate the police chief, they should go ahead and investigate
the candidates for superintendent. Take the best and don't settle for someone who has been let go from 3 or 4 different school districts and has turned around and sued each one. San Benito cannot afford to pay the money that some ask for as a settlement. Study the candidates carefully.

Anonymous said...

Well don't that sound like the San Benito city manager. Never stays in one place more than a year.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like some man named joe


Concerned Citizens of San Benito is nothing more then Ben Cortez and a couple of city commissioners who like to make serious allegations without ever providing legally actionable proof. It is ironic that Mr. Ben Cortez talks about no supporting documentation when he provides nothing but allegations and hearsay.

The San Benito News reported that Mr. Ben Cortez demanded the San Benito News print the letter he sent to the Housing Authority demanding they conduct an investigation of financial improprieties by members of the board. Again he provided just allegations and no proof. Nothing was ever proven because there was nothing to prove.

Remember this beauty of allegations made against Mr. Encarnacion Lopez. Nothing ever materialized because Mr. Ben Cortez and company had no proof of vote tampering, just pure serious allegations.

As reported by El Rrun RRun Mr. Encarnacion (Chon) Lopez sued Mr. Ben Cortez for defamation of character. Word in the street is Mr. Ben Cortez has been a no-show to his depositions. Maybe it is because he has no defense.

HERE is some interesting reading about Mr. Ben Cortez. Apparently, he did some felony probation time.

And he is leading CAVA in San Bene?

Anonymous said...

The FBI released their findings on Hilary. Why can't San Benito do the same with the agencies findings.Or is their more the the story. San Benito minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

I can see it now. All this drama will just be put on the back burner and nothing will get done. That is why San Benito has been left behind Mr mayor. Isn't that why you ran for office cause San Benito was going now where. Let's step it up Mr Mayor and city commission. Don't let the city manager and city Attorney run the show. Remember y'all are ELECTED OFFICIALS and work for the citizens of San Benito.

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between hear say and facts Michael Galvan. Dig a hole and sick your head in the ground..... Chiefs with no INTEGRITY shouldn't be opening their mouth. So Shut it and kick Rox cause your a joke to your department. (Like when you don't speak at briefings looking down at your phone in shame.... and only speak when everyone leaves briefing to head on the road.) LMAO!!

Anonymous said...

The Chief has them all buy the nuts. They know who they are.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Gomez you of all people know about COMPADRISMO.The very thing you are trying to get rid of so you say. I KNOW what happened a few years back.