Wednesday, May 28, 2014


By Juan Montoya
The woman who single-handedly work tirelessly to have the poorest community in the United States subsidize the oil-and-gas wealthy UT System to the tune of $1 billion over the last 22 years, has been given her due.
In a statement by outgoing University of Texas System Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa he said Julieta Garcia will oversee the University of Texas Institute of the Americans which "will foster the convening of scholars and other experts to engage in a dialogue of ideas and search for solutions in education, societal and policy issues."
Garcia, for her part, was not at a loss for words for getting the papita assignment. She said:
"The chance to lead this incredible new institute that focuses on an area so important to me — both personally and professionally — is truly an honor.. "The UT Institute of the Americas is unlike anything that currently exists and I am so eager to get to work developing our nation’s next great leadership institute."
Many wondered where Garcia would be put out to pasture after her disastrous tenure at UT-Brownsville following the dissolution of the UTB-TSC "partnership." Now we know.
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Anonymous said...

UNBELIEVABLE esta pinche vieja is still given a platform for more fail bull shit. Only the LEFT rewards FAILURE. Look at the idiot Prez EL MOJON PEDENJO obammie. There's not a day that goes by and a new or existing scandal get BIGGER. Este pinche NEGRO is not only happy killing the most innocent among us by pushing abortion on demand sucking their brains out,cutting up their spines limbs or heads, let's DENY OUR VETERAN HEROS MEDICAL TREATMENT AND WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE IF THEY DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! You democrats are the worst of the worst, how you evil people sleep at night is beyond comprehension!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe her new title will be 'Director' which does suggest a deserved step-down from partnership president. I do hope that her salary is equally reduced from the current obscenity.

Who wants to bet she greases the system to get her job to stay in Brownsville?

Also, what will she be accountable for in this 'development of leadership' role? Will she help graduate students with a degree in, well, leadership?

If her tenure has been any indication, she will create pies in the skies, publish bloated Herald pieces and collect really big checks.

Thanks but no thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'd say this is much more than a 'step down' from being University President. This seems almost like being put out to pasture. This 'institute' may end up being something quite small (few staff) and be not much more than symbolic. It certainly won't be giving out degrees.

Anonymous said...

Where will this new "institute" be Austin reflecting a real UT "institute" or in Brownsville reflecting Julieta's "Harvard on the Rio Bravo" goal; and to take advantage of all the Tony Martinez real estate he wants to give to UT. Years ago as many in the community contributed thousands of dollars and hours of work to renovate the Young House downtown....Julieta announced it would be the headquarters of a "bi-national" program....which never materialized. Julieta had a dream of a "partnership" between UT and TSC.....only so she could have access to TSC's tax base to give to UT. Juliet has told the communit it is all for is really all for her and her legacy. She learned well from the Kardenas Klan how to cheat, steal, and acquire other people's money....and she gave it all to herself. Let's hope the new job is in Austin.....but I have no doubt she will continue to be a plague on this poor community.

Anonymous said...

Not worth the comment.

Anonymous said...

She will be gone for or a year with pay and a bonus check from the party. She will leave her three top spies in the transition team to keep her posted and align her favorites in positions of power.

Anonymous said...

Slight problema, there already is an "Institute of the Americas" that has been around for over 30 years and is based at UC San Diego campus. You would think all those hot shots could at least come up with something original. Of course, I don't think anyone would confuse Brownsville with San Diego!!!

Anonymous said...

Papita, cacita! A turd will always be a turd.

Anonymous said...

Where was this position advertised and how much does it pay? How do we know we are getting the best person for this job if we don't advertise?

Anonymous said...

Isn't "retirement" as option for her? Julieta is past 65 years of age. Well, a job in Austin would give her freedom away from husband Oscar!!

Love the "Con mi Gente" segment on Channel 5with her granddaughter Julieta---poking Rick Diaz's eyes!!! Everyone knows that Julieta's grand daughter will be going to UT-Austin!!! What is this that she is graduating from college at 17? Probably was given all the credits for such an achievement(?)!!!

Anonymous said...

Que paso, Panchito, the position was never posted or advertised, is this not required for state positions? Seems like ethics, the do nothing commission, is still sleeping on it's function.

Anonymous said...

Nothing but contempt for this woman !

Anonymous said...

Transition team members include:

# Dr. Janna Arney, currently Associate Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs at UTB

• Marty Baylor, currently Vice President for Business Affairs at UTPA

• Liza Benson, Assistant Director of Change Management for UT System

• Dr. Martha Cantu, currently Vice President for Student Affairs at UTPA

# Irv Downing, currently Vice President for Economic Development and Community Services at UTB

# Veronica Gonzales, currently Vice President for University Advancement at UTPA

• Dr. Francisco Fernandez, Dean of the UTRGV School of Medicine

# Letty Fernandez, currently Director of News and Information at UTB

• Dr. Maggie Hinojosa, currently Senior Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services at UTPA

• Dr. Julio Leon, Special Advisor for UT System’s Office of Academic Affairs

# Ben Reyna, currently Assistant Provost for Governmental Relations at UTB

• Dr. Havidan Rodriguez, currently Vice President for Academic Affairs at UTPA

• Dr. Sadiq Shah, currently Vice Provost for Research and Sponsored Projects at UTPA

Bailey should get rid of the ones with a hash tag. They are all trolls.

Anonymous said...

Unlike the UTPA dude, Julieta didn't throw her hat in the ring to be the new Pres of UTRGV. Neither of these folks would ever been in the running for the new job.

The UTPA gets rejected, and now goes back into the class room as an ordinary professor.

Julieta keeps to keep her big salary, a staff of sycophants, travel all around as a big shot, meeting with other big shots, discussing important things all of which will result in nothing important happening. It is an exercise in ego retention.

Soon enough she will be a crone and retires to rest on her laurels, with a home full of plaques and abrazos from all her friends when she goes out on the town.

This is her reward for not apply for the big new job.

Anonymous said...

I propose that if this woman keeps her current president salary of over 300,000 dollars but as a director, that we send a dump truck filled with cow manure and deliver to her.

Anonymous said...

Where is La Cacique's favorite buddy, Michael Putegnat, on the transition team? I thought he was the "expert" on transitioning.

Anonymous said...

"Where is La Cacique's favorite buddy, Michael Putegnat, on the transition team? I thought he was the "expert" on transitioning."

It looks to me like the number of people from UTB with real 'clout' has been greatly limited on this committee. This seems to show that UTB is going to be the lesser partner with less influence in the new UT RGV. When the UT RGV administration is named it looks like most of the names will come from UT Pan Am.

chief cool arrow said...

once a witch always a witch or should i say SNAKE? julie my dear you played your card right darling.

Anonymous said...

Aunt J has been canonized as The queen of the Mamba species. A snake in the grass.

Anonymous said...

She can't carry a conversation in Spanish .