Saturday, March 21, 2015


By Juan Montoya
You won't find a press release of it in Cameron County District Attorney Luis V. Saenz's Facebook page.
Now will there be a press release about it in the DA's website written by Internet maven Melissa Landin.
But in the wake of a slam dunk of the DA's Office by a junior attorney on three child abuse cases, the Internet has been lit up by local attorneys crowing up the victory of one of their junior members over the DA's office investigators, Crime Victims Unit and prosecutors.
It is no secret that there have been numerous defections of seasoned prosecutors at the  beleaguered DA's office. Increasingly, the office has taken on the appearance of a political campaign, with supporters pointing to the number of "likes" on the page as a measure of the office's approval by the public.
The first announcement of the trashing came from proud daddy and local attorney Ed Stapleton who posted on his Facebook page that his daughter Sara had prevailed over the powers of the state defending her client on three indecency with a child charges.
A cascade of congrats from the local bar followed as they hailed her performance over the state.
Even Fruty Villarreal, a local conjunto musician of some renown chirped in about the "good defense" Stapleton had provided her client.
This must add insult to injury to Saenz since it was the DA himself who appeared before the Cameron County Commissioners Court to give Fruty a proclamation heralding his musical achievements.
Now, we don't know the details of the case involved, but it stands to reason that someone vetted the allegations, sifted through the evidence, interviewed the victims, and came to the conclusion that the child had been abused by the adult.
Could it be that there was no foundation to the charges as Sara Stapleton was able to convince a jury?
And if there was no basis for the allegations, how was it that investors, prosecutors and crime victims advocates in the DA's Office were led to believe there was?
On the darker side, if the difference in the verdict had to do with Sara Stapleton's prowess as an attorney and with the deficiency in the prosecutors and the evidence in the case, is there a possibility that the inadequacy of the DA's office is keeping this victim exposed to a dangerous, abusive environment?
Questions like this make the number of "likes" and "dislikes" on the DA's Office Facebook page seem trivial and insensitive.


Anonymous said...

Facebook "likes" are meaningless as a measure of political support and do not translate to votes. If "likes" meant anything, Brownsville Cheezme would control thousands of votes and sway elections. LOL see how CheezMasso flopped and their support of Ernie Hernandez and Erin Garcia, ninguno made it to a runoff, belly flop belly flop. Nor does anyone show up at their events.

Former LEO said...

Montoya, this trend will continue as long as the CC District Attorney's office continue to take non-investigated criminal cases by lazy police investigators, example being Harlingen Police Department. Their so-called investigators just take a victim's accusation as "word" without making an effort or pounding the beat to justify the accusation or build their case. Then make an arrest and submit the case. Then you have the CCDA indict a lame case and use their office to get a conviction by scaring the defendants into pleading guilty to mark a win. You have CCADA who know and realize that the case lacks substance and drag it out to dismiss later or try in court and get their ass kicked. Its not about justice in the CCDA with some of the CCADA's, its about wins!

Anonymous said...

Believe in Brville. Believe in BISD. Believe in Cheesme. Who in the hell are you going to believe !!!!!

Anonymous said...

DA Luis Saenz doesn't CARE ABOUT THE VICTIMS HE CARES ONLY TO GET RE-ELECTED. He is more interested in positive propaganda instead of being an advocate for the victims. Luis thinks because he has his dog Melissa Zamora follow him around with a camera posting how great he is and then monitors the amount of likes that in it self will guarantee him a for sure win.


Anonymous said...

Do Cameron County a favor and RESIGN and take your Bitch with you while your at it!!!!!!