Friday, November 4, 2016


By Juan Ortega
Special to El Rrun-Rrun

Someone called my attention and I got a chance to read Robert Dunkin's letter to the editor published Nov. 1 in the Valley Morning Star disparaging Democratic Party presidential nominee and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The writer – Robert Dunkin, of Harlingen – double-guessed the many committees in the U.S. Congress and other bodies who have investigated the terrorist attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya, and charged that Ms. Clinton has "blood of our military men on her hands" because of her actions.

With all due respect for Mr. Dunkin's military service, how easy it is for critics like him, at home and far away from the scene of the events, to rush to judgment at a safe distance from the action.
And in contrast to some family members of the four men who died in the embassy attack, Dunkin says that Clinton, as secretary of state, made the decision "based on politics."

None other than a sister of one of the men has castigated the Republican-led House of Representatives and said that her brother had written her to tell her that his embassy was not better protected from exactly this type of attack because that august body had denied Clinton's Department of State its budgetary request for more funds for that specific purpose.

In fact, one of the reasons that Obama has issued so many executive orders is simply because an obstructionist congress has refused to cooperate with him in any significant issue like immigration reform, phasing out farm subsidies for agribusiness corporation, and fighting voting suppression of minorities and the poor.

This type of facile partisan criticism is the type we have come to expect from detractors of the Clintons, President Barack Obama, and other politicians.
If you are a Democrat, you are a "liberal."
If you do not favor the policies of the U.S., you are a traitor.

Don't they remember that both Democrats and Republicans have fought alongside one another in this nation's wars? Don't they remember that men and women from every socioeconomic class, race and religion have become brothers in arms to defend this country? As the commander-in-chief, you have command over the lives of all of the men and women from every walk of life that serve in our Armed Forces.
Everyone bleeds red, Mr. Dunkin.

Not long ago, before he became a candidate for the nation's highest office, Republican nominee Donald Trump funded the "birthing" fringe group movement out to prove that Mr. Obama was not a U.S. citizen. He has since rescinded that assertion. Why? Because he wants us to vote for him for president and to let all that fade in the past.

And also not so long ago, Trump also criticized Vietnam veteran and prisoner of war John McCain, of Arizona for having been captured while a combat pilot during the war. His insults against the disabled, women, Muslims, and Mexicans are well documented.
Dunkin also says that "It breaks my heart that the Democrats have run three war protestors as presidential candidates."

For his information, one of the rights that we enjoy in this country is the right of free speech, expression and assembly. That right has been made possible through the defense of our nation by our nation's veterans. I don't have to agree with what you say, but I will defend your right as an American to express your opinion. That's the law we live by as written in our U.S. Constitution.

Trump – unlike Mr. Dunkin and countless Rio Grande Valley residents – was able to acquire draft deferments during the Vietnam War. The first four were student deferment.  He – unlike most poor whites and minorities – could pay to go to college. The fourth was for a bone spur in his heel – he doesn't remember which one it was now – that kept him from serving in the war.
When asked to produce the letter from his doctor explaining the bone spur which "went away in time," as he told the New York Times, he was unable to produce it.
Is this what Dunkin would call a "draft dodger?"

Mr. Dunkin's standards for presidential nominees strikes me as dubious at best, and malicious at worst. While we can respect his military service – an air controller in radar station removed from the action – we must question his obvious double standard in the case of both presidential nominees.


Anonymous said...

Libya not Lybia !

Anonymous said...

Why give this Dunkin pussy any more publicity. he's a fuckin loser. Grab him by the pussy!

Anonymous said...

Without Congressional approval, Obama and Secy of State Clinton conspired to transfer Stinger missiles through Qatar to rebels fighting against the Syrian govt. One of those Stingers was used in Afghanistan to shoot at a U.S. Army Chinook. Fortunately the Taliban didn't arm the missle, so the helicopter did not explode, but was forced to land. The investigation of the helicopter identified the Stinger as one of a batch being passed from Qatar, through Libya to rebel forces. Ambassador Stevens and his bodyguards were in Benghazi to recover those weapons on orders of Obama and Clinton. Ready reaction forces were in the air to rescue Stevens, but was turned back by Obama and Clinton. Steven was castrated, stabbed, shot, burned and dragged through the streets. Hillary, Obama, and other top U.S. officials lied about the killings; blaming a video on UTube. Killary Klinton does have blood on her hands and should be indicted.

Tad Hasse said...

I answered a Republican who justified his vote with the following:

I, on the other hand, *refuse* to put up with more divisive sleaze amounting to a felony criminal racketeering enterprise. That choice should have been simple enough to NEVER vote to protect and advance the interests of a white collar mafia. They do that in third world countries, but NOT in my America! If that isn't reason enough, read on.

Trump won the nomination because the Republican Party wasn't listening to its people, and the odds are good that he will win the election for the same reason. We cannot fix the system otherwise. Voting for government insiders is *insane*. It is like feeding some slob on the couch buckets of beer and fried chicken then complaining that there is a fat slob on the couch that won't leave and there is no beer and the chicken is all gone. There are a whole bunch of us, the vast number of Republicans who feel the same way and *that* is the reason we *are* Republicans. We are Republicans because we believe in more freedom through less government intrusion into their lives. We believe that the power of the country lies with its people, not its leaders. We believe that the beer and chicken are *ours* and that the government has no inherent right to grow fat on our beer and chicken, nor to order us how much to share with others. I am one of the irredeemably deplorables who stands for real change, not Obama change, and stand here to tell you that I am not afraid.

The "popular wisdom" is that Trump would be blocked by Congress. So what? When Congress works, it gives us things like Obamacare. It let China and Europe destroy manufacturing in the USA. It let, nay encouraged, out of control cost increases in higher education.It gives us a Tax Code that is most decidedly ridiculously complex and ultimately inequitable.It is giving us a system where there is no financial vertical mobility- only horizontal. It has stratified economic class and it is to their advantage to have done so.

Trump would have the same choice a first term Reagan had: If Congress and Trump can't agree, use the power of the bully pulpit to make the case to *THE PEOPLE* because if he wins the election it was because *THE PEOPLE* elected him.

I think it likely that Trump will face a hostile Congress FROM BOTH SIDES and I welcome it! It well past time to stand and tell ourselves and the world that this is America, the greatest, the most diverse and powerful nation ever to exist in the 4 billion years of our planet. This is not the evening of a fading empire that the globalists like criminal Hilary is trying to sell, but the morning of a new day awakening from a bad dream.

Anonymous said...

Trump will win, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

For sure now that he has Pat Ahumada campaiging for him

Anonymous said...

The Clintons have been given get out of jail free cards by the huge corrupt political machine in this country. It is Cameron County on steroids. Both would need an extra lifetime to serve all the prison time they deserve for the crimes they have committed. They represent all that is wrong with our political system.

If Trump the answer? Probably not, but he is better than what we have had for generations. That is why the political and media elite are trying to kill his candidacy off. Trump represents the death of the current, generations long corrupt political system that has had it's hand around the throat of the American people choking the life out of them.

Anonymous said...

That is NOT Robert Dunkin, Juan! man, you really suck the big one.