Wednesday, January 18, 2017


(Ed.'s Note: This feel-good article appeared today in the Education Section of the local daily. In two of the photos Brownsville Independent School District Superintendent and two trustees (bottom Carlos Elizondo and top left Cesar Lopez) gave awards of recognition to parent volunteers at two schools, Cummings Middle School on the bottom and Longoria Elementary on top.

Enedelia Alfaro was honored for her dedication at helping Cummings and Dolores Lopez at Longoria. The photo at Cummings was taken Dec. 6, and the photo at Longoria was taken Nov. 30, 2016.

But just yesterday, January 17, 2017, Zendejas and her administration brought forth a proposal that both school be closed and that the students be assigned other schools. Would the two parents have been as happy as they seem to be when they were giving the recognition for helping their kids at their schools if they knew the administration had this plan in mind all along?

Zendejas and the two trustees knew. Why didn't they tell them? Fortunately, a majority on the BISD board did not take action on the agenda item and demanded that Zendejas show them alternatives to closing the schools and cited the lack of public input as a reason for tabling the decision. But to the average reader, it seems like a nice thing to do for parent volunteers even if they keep them in the dark.)


Anonymous said...

They are closing Cummings so that Reba Cardenas McNair can take over that property for the Mitte Cultural District. Check on it, you'll see why that's going down.

Anonymous said...

Nothing official has been decided about the closing
of the schools. The ones who are making a big stink
about it and instigating a boycott on Dr. Z are the
two ladies that have nothing else to do but to be
interfering with administrative responsibilities.
I guess those two board members are going to see to it
that the schools are financially sound in order to
keep them open and comply with TEA regulations related
to attrition. Esas Viejas debe quedarse en la casa y
llave la ropa al marido or a la novia. Juan, when
have you attended a meeting to see what really goes on
and not just take gossip from them. Que? La Sylvia
quiere el trabajo de Dr. Z y todos lo saben.

MARTIN said...

What closing schools ..........

Anonymous said...

Close em all
Infant sell them to idea or to harmony science academy . Harniny should buy cummungs,Instead of building a 3rd school on Dana Ave. They have Breeden and Gallegos elementary and now harmony is building a junior high there. They should just buy BISD' s old properties.

Anonymous said...

Stop blaming others for your bad deeds, Carlos Elizondo. karma is a bitch and it's catching up to you, man up and face the consequences of your own doing little pussy. Mary Solis beat you in level 3 grievance and as the coward that you are you ran into hiding like a little girl and you didn't show up to the school district meeting, asshole. All the school district employees hate your two face piece of shit hypocrite wife of yours Mrs. Elizondo. Good job principal Mary Solis on your victory, justice was serve. Don't fear carlos the reaper elizondo, he is a total pussy.

BobbyWC said...

Do the research
The villains have designs on the Cummings land. You watch if it is closed who buys it

The Pissed Off Conservative said...

Zendejas has been playing with this idea for months now. Rumors were flying around saying that Victoria Heights was part of their plan and they even thought about turning it into an adult education center. Then plans shifted to close Cummings once the cat was let out of the bag. And they kept this in the down low hoping it would help the idiots Zendejas supported and if everything went well on election day they would throw it into the agenda hoping it would fly under the radar.

Why do they want to close schools that have a steady roster while leaving Resaca open which currently has less than 250 kids? In fact, why don't they stop making this stupid sports buildings on high schools like we are some sort of sports mecca and concentrate on helping the schools instead?

Zendejas the self-absorbed, pretentious twat strikes again and yet there are naive imbeciles who still stand by her side.

Anonymous said...

The TAj Mahal was built with money set aside for that purpose
by a special election. A person with any common sense should
know that if a school closes it is because there is not enough
enrollment to support the staff on that campus - here or any
place in Texas!!!! Would you like to pay more taxes so we can
continue to have the same number of campuses with the drop of
enrollment for parents [probably like you) who send their children to charter
schools. Less students, less money, less teachers, buses, janitors, etc.
You are shooting from the lip! Study the situation beforehand.

Anonymous said...

ZENDEJAS Is another Trump she need to go

Anonymous said...

Close the school and give it to the zoo!!

Anonymous said...

Don't insult Trump remember you live in beaner town!!

Anonymous said...

The TAj Mahal was built with money set aside for that purpose
by a special election.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 11:46 am you're the third biggest coward in all of Cameron County .Rigo Bocanegra and Marco Longoria are first and second .Those two are total pussies ! Karma is going to pay another visit to Rigo as he will lose again in 2018. The Reaper is coming to end that clowns political dreams.