Saturday, March 25, 2017


By Juan Montoya
Coming off a fresh round of widespread rejection of his plan to abolish nine school districts and their elected boards in Cameron County to set up a countywide district initially headed by the board of trustees of the Brownsville Independent School District, Texas Sen. Eddie Lucio was lauded by Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick as a beacon of hope for the border.

Image result for eddie lucio sr., golferPatrick, whose plans for education will leave the border's status as the stepchild of the state, was in McAllen Friday to laud Lucio as Border Texan of the Year.

In being named this year's honoree, he joins the likes of then-Gov. George W. Bush, former Gov. Rick Perry, U.S. Sens. John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchinson, U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Tony Garza, U.S. District Judge Ricardo Hinojosa, late U.S. Rep. Eligio “Kika” de la Garza, State Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa and many more.

Patrick said that Lucio has the beacon of hope for the border for more than 30 years.
Patrick has not treated the Valley favorably over the years. But Friday he called it “vibrant,” and the backbone of Texas. One of those spineless vertebrae has been Lucio, if we are to believe Patrick.

Lucio fancies himself being a family man, and one of strong faith as can be seen by his grooming of his son, Texas Rep, Eddie Lucio III to fill his spot in the senate upon his retirement.

Speakers praised Lucio for , among other things, his work with veterans, healthcare and public schools. 

 “But Eddie’s a statesman,” Patrick said. “That’s rare. He’s a statesman because he casts his vote to do what, in his heart, he believes is right for his district.”

Oh, how well we remember his yeoman's work to help Dannenbaum Engineering wrest the engineering contract from Brown and Root that resulted in the spectacular heist of $21 million for a Bridge to Nowhere that was never built. Lucio was paid handsomely for his "consulting" on that project, a project whose debt is still being paid for by the residents of the Brownsville Navigation District.

And who can forget the "consulting" he did in Willacy County when he stepped in the make sure the county commissioners there awarded the contract to build a private prison to certain firms which resulted in convictions for bribery of some elected officials. Eventually, the cutting of corners and short shrift they paid to paying sufficient personnel in those private prisons resulted in a prisoner's death and the burning down of some units by prisoners who complained they were not provided with adequate health care. But Eddie got his cut and – when the heat came down – briefly suspended his "consulting."

And he was only too happy to stand by and watch the University of Texas System rape the taxpayers of the Texas Southmost College District and try to gobble it up by demanding that it hand them over the entire assets of the community college totaling more than $200 million – except for the outstanding bond debt – so they would stay in Brownsville. When the college trustees stood up to the UT System and said "no," the UT System regents opted to end the "partnership" which had pumped close to $1 billion to UT in annual $50 million "transfers" from the college in the poorest community in the country.

And his record on women's reproductive rights has endeared him to the Republicans like Patrick. He went along with the GOP senate majority to pass laws that would have deprived poor women in South Texas from exercising their right to determine whether they wanted to keep or end a pregnancy. Lucio doesn't care if the pregnancy was the result of rape or incest. Just as he doesn't care that the United Supreme Court has reaffirmed the right of a woman to control her own body time and time again

Last year, this Mexican Puritan gave Republicans the right to run roughshod in the senate and cast the deciding vote to give them a free hand. Over the cries of Democrats, he cast the deciding vote to allow the GOP-run Texas Senate to break from an almost 70-year tradition intended to encourage compromise among its 31 members.

Instead, it now takes only 19 senators instead of 21 to bring legislation to the floor for debate.
The change — passed on a vote of 20-10 — had the practical effect of allowing Republicans to consider a bill without a single vote from one of the chamber's 11 Democrats.
Patrick had targeted the tradition known as the "two-thirds rule" since he first entered the Legislature in 2007.

Fighting to preserve the rule, Democrats said the change would strike a blow to the democratic process.
“I think it’s a sad day for the Senate, and one that we will look back on with regret,” said state Sen. Rodney Ellis, D-Houston.

Yeah, Lucio is a border man, a borderline idiot and hypocrite.


Anonymous said...

Very true, an idiot, vendido, no vale lo que tapa in gato!

Anonymous said...

Yea Juan but whose more an idiot than the voters who keep voting him and his son into office time and time again.

Anonymous said...

Republicans taking care of republicans. Nothing new here. Still, I can't but wonder why the democratic party continues to allow Lucio to identify as a democrat and why they allow him to run on the democratic ticket.

I'm not a robot. said...

It is all about charter schools. Republicans put him up to it because they want to create nothing but charter schools who are accountable to no one.

Republicans name him the Border Texan is a joke on all of us in the RGV. We are being conned by a Democrat In Name Only.

Anonymous said...

If Eddie Lucio, Jr is "Man of the Year" from the Valley, we are really in sad shape. Local continue to vote for him and seem oblivious to the fact that he is "for sale" and is willing to sell his vote to the highest bidder. Lucio is a "legend in his own mind" and has really done very little to promote or improve the RGV. He might be the "Weiner of the Week", but not the "Man" of anything.

Anonymous said...

We are the borderline idiots for electing these couple of democRATs

Anonymous said...

The problem is that people don't vote. If only 50% of registeted voters did vote, he would be voted out of office. Only about 9% of the registered voters vote and they are his supporters. It is our fault for not voting.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or does he talk with some kind weird accent? Like if he's fucking royalty from some non existent royal country?

I guess he's thinking - "well, I want to be remembered for something, I guess Ill talk all weird and shit."

Anonymous said...

I nominate Eddie Jr for Border Asshole. (Pick any years...he's been an asshole as long as we can remember). No need to look to unstable African countries to find a greedy despot filling his bank account with ill-gotten money. We have Eddie, a state senator that has managed to live like a king for 30+ years without having a real job.

Anonymous said...

That's right go out and vote. It only hurts for a lil while.

Anonymous said...

Pura cuacha toda la familia lucio. Se deben llamar Sucio.