Monday, April 17, 2017


By Juan Montoya

For the better part of a decade
Their paths had parted

He flew north
she, surrounded by her brood,
Stayed in the town

Time passed, they both met others
And started lives anew

When they met again, by chance,
At the local Walmart,
He knew something was wrong
Like a deer caught in the lights
She tried to avoid his gaze,
but couldn't

They hugged and their hearts clicked
Like the hands of the clocks in the section
"He died," she said softly into his wet shoulder
"In my arms, in my bed."

He went home with her and they sat silently
for  along time, remembering
Then, as natural as a heartbeat
They embraced and connected, again

She had abstained since he passed, she said
because he was inside her when he gasped and tumbled,
and started dying

"Nothing worked," she had confided.
"I couldn't get myself to be with anyone, 
Because I was terrified he would die, too..."

"What I needed was a remedio casero p'al el susto...
Gracias, mi amor."


Anonymous said...

PAT AHUMADA in the picture? Susto is his middle name!

Anonymous said...

La Blimp is on you, juanito. Let the pendejo have it. He loves being spanked!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

(He loves being spanked!!!!!!!)

Wear some gloves, though. He probly sweats aids.

Ben said...

Back in the day, when hardly anybody got professional help for a traumatic event, people sought and got "cured" for susto. Simple enough remedy. Take 3 sips of water. I can't remember the rest of the recipe. But as a young kid, I saw it work it's magic. Dr. Z. Can you enlighten us mere mortals ?

Anonymous said...

Entertaining piece