Thursday, April 20, 2017


By Juan Montoya
We have been told that we have become the Target of the Day (again?) for disbarred lawyer and embittered misanthrope blogger Robert Wightman in his scurrilous Brownsville Voice blog.
Ever since Wigthman was run out of town on a rail because he defamed judges in Dallas and was jailed after he continued passing himself off as a lawyer online, he has gone as far south in the U.S. mainland because he can't make it anywhere else and there is no where else to go.

This legal malingerer has been able to get his student loans paid after browbeating the U.S. Dept. of Education into thinking he was a disabled vet, has been able to get a disabled veteran's discount on his property taxes by the Cameron County Appraisal District by claiming he has a service-connected disability from the Veterans Administration and has passed himself off as an expert in everything from nude beach going to academic and vocational education.

He is also something of a self-diagnosed hypochondriac who elbows real combat veterans out of the line at the VA in Harlingen and San Antonio and then complains about the treatment. All this from a man who served one and a half years in peace time in the States and was discharged based on a psychiatric report he claims never happened.

We are not the only ones in his Flavor of the Day targets. Anyone from the president of the United States, and elected officials at all levels who happen to disagree with his views are "morons," "eunuchs, "homophobic." "misogynists," etc. We have refused to use the Hispanic surname he adopted (Cervantes) because he only used it when he tried to run for Congress in an Hispanic district in Dallas.

We have gone back in our files and retrieved but a small portion of the postS where we have documented his sins and the parasitic nature of this creature. If you can stand the stench, click on link to read of La Babosa's foibles.


Diego Lee Rot said...

I just found out last night these windows Lowes installed on my house aren't bullet Proof like the salesmen promised! Someone is gonna pay!

Anonymous said...

La Blimp feels you don't like him, juanito. His feelings get hurt when you call him Da Blimp. All he wants is your love.

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ the window comment! Is there a GoFundMe page where I can contribute to the wightman files???? I'll even throw in a gift card from Lowe's, OP1033 T-Shirt, and an appointment at the VA!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Da Blimp is not the only person without service connected disability that are receiving VA benefits. If Da Blimp was discharged because of mental defects, he is surely riding that with the VA. Just another person who lives on the public tit.

Anonymous said...

Diego the dim-wit. Why Don't you spend as much time raising your kids as you do on the blogs? Barton hates you!

Anonymous said...

Da Blimp's military service is what? One year and then out? He better not show up at the VFW! that's no veteran of the kind I know. Vale madre ese buey!

Anonymous said...

The disbarred blogger criticizes but offers no solution - hernandez is out there pushing for change and expecting more from every establishment that is supposed to be providing a better chance for a better future for our community. He's looking at the possibilities.
Problem is hernandez vision sees further and farther then some of our leaders..... so there is the disconnect.
Sometimes it takes someone from the outside to adjust the dreams----

At least he is trying and his impact is being felt

Anonymous said...

La Blimp is a man or a woman? Real name?