Wednesday, June 21, 2017


By Juan Montoya
Brownsville – and Cameron County, for that matter – is a land that thrives in speculation.
If you're seen with a dog, then you must have fleas.
And politically, there is no more favorite adage than "Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres."

These "dichos" are gospel to may people. And to a great degree, there may be some truth to that. But sometimes mere association – as the lawyers at the courthosue say – does not indicate guit. But in some cases it may.

That came to mind when we received an email breathlessly (if we can use that term for an electronic message) informing us that a cabal of the Cameron County Democratic Party was espied breakfasting together at on of Southmost's most popular restaurancitos.

Seen together, according to our informant, were none other than Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño, former candidate for Cameron County D.A. Carlos Masso, County Clerk Sylvia Garza-Perez, and Treviño's part-time Community Outreach Coordinator Xochil Llamas. She also represents the judge on the county's bail bonds board and gets a hefty number of family case referrals from the local courts.

There is no way to know what they were discussing over their huevos rancheros, but an assemblage of the political caliber of these heavyweights has set tongues wagging. Among some of the speculation:

Are they discussing the way to combat Lali Betancourt's challenge to Garza-Perez for county clerk?
Are they contemplating the entry of former county judge and Texas Secretary of State Carlos Cascos against Treviño in the 2018 general election?
Are they discussing likely candidates to run against County Treasurer David Betancourt, Lali's brother?

Or are they scheming to find an opponent for JP Mary Esther Sorola whose mother – Pct. 1 County Commissioner Sofie Benavides – is good friends with Blanca Betancourt, David's wife and clerical assistant to former county judge Pete Sepulveda, who is the CEO for the Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority?

See how quickly things spin out of control?
It could be that they were discussing the quality of the food and the flaky nature of the flour tortillas, too, you think?


Anonymous said...

Well first Sylvia is n ashole she needs to go. Then Eddie Trevino needs to start dating respectable women. Got fake as blinds and airheads. I will not Support rats like that.. just saying

Anonymous said...

Politics never take a break.

Anonymous said...

Let's get rid of these family connections. It is about time that we rid ourselves of all Betancourt family members, who continue to ride a family name. David Betancourt, for example, holds a position that most counties are getting rid of. It's time to rid ourselves of all these roaches.

Anonymous said...

Carlos Cascos is not likely to take a step down to run for County Judge again. While he would surely get elected, me thinks Carlos has higher goals.

Anonymous said...

Esa Xochilt Llamas es puro veneno

Anonymous said...

Carlos Cascos is a quitter, juan.

Anonymous said...

see what I mean about conflict of interest in any political arena. You must be from Mars in order to run for office and not know or be related to someone.
Who cares who you have breakfast with as long as the lone star card is not used, like I saw at a local restaurant the other day.

Anonymous said...

I hope Carlos Cascos runs against Eddie Lucio III.

That fucking sellout has sold us out to LNG for pennies. While claiming to be a Democrat.

The rich families remember the birth defects and abortion epidemic in the 1970's-80's. They were the ones who could afford to have one! Didn't matter if you were Republican or Democrat. If you were living in a fancy house on the resaca, your water was tainted, you were one of those families with a "secret" abortion, cancer baby or birth defect problem as a result. No one has forgotten.

Carlos already knows the Dems will accuse him of being a sellout party switcher. But you're in good company with the Lucios, who are trying to bring the birth defects back to Brownsville his LNG cancer. Putting LNG leaky pipes in our aquifer supply will bring the cancer babies back.

The big unspoken secret of Rio Viejo is the mass abortions that happened in the 70's-80's by Catholic Republican well-to-do ladies. Their pregnancies were affected by birth defects due to pollution in the resaca. Everyone talked about the poor women from the barrio giving birth to headless babies, as a result of being contaminated by resaca water when they washed their clothes. The state and the hospitals got involved, and the problem of the brainless, headless babies was national headlines. But no one mentioned the aborted, the rich white headless, secret miscarriages going on left and right in Rio Viejo by the rich ladies who were also using the same toxic resaca water to water their lawns, and in their pools, leaching into their pipes, washing their dishes, being contaminated and affected just the same as the poor women on the river. Are we ready for that conversation? Or are you still trying to pretend to be pro-life, pro-cancer, pro-bullshit, or as that cancer sellout Eddie III puts it, pro-pipeline jobs?