Saturday, June 10, 2017


By Adrian Tovar
From Brownsville Herald Letter Section
June 6, 2017

This is in regard to the recent article titled “City celebrates progress on Southmost Nature Trail” (June 1). Though I see the opening of this bike trail as a milestone in taking care of the Southmost area, I cannot help but stop and think that there is a big disconnect between the city commissioners and the citizens of Brownsville.

While this hike-and-bike trail was opened, the city neglected to fix all of the roads that people use continuously.
Yes, it is a good idea to promote the wellness of the citizens, but we normal folk who don’t live in the Rio Viejo area or at the country club have to work long hours to get paid just enough to pay bills and rent. We do not have much spare time to enjoy the trail. Our jobs are tiring and once we get home, we get home.

Point is, while this bike-and-hike trail was constructed, the roads (Esperanza Road is a mess, Posada is a mess) remain the same, unemployment remains the same, the Brownsville Metro bus shelters remain the same, and our downtown area remains in a permanent renovation state.
It seems as though the city commissioners don’t understand the needs of the people of Brownsville and the people of Brownsville are so disillusioned that they are happy to get at least something.

I would not title the building of a bike-and-hike trail as “progress,” but rather as a step in the right direction. I appreciate the good intentions of Rosita Zavaleta Gowen and company, but I do not see how this will help the elderly who have to stand in the sun and wait for a neglected old bus to go to the store and carry everything in their little cart. They do not have the strength to just bike to it.
It is time that Brownsville spends on its citizens who need it the most, not on the few who use expensive bikes and expensive bike gear.

Perhaps I am being too picky and too demanding (I am not), but I do not see this as progress. It reminds me of the time a lady on a TV show gifted a little girl who had no electricity at home a tablet. The intentions are good, but they do not understand how others live.


Anonymous said...

People not used to progress do not know what it is. subete al camion, apa! Y callate.

Anonymous said...

Damn, fat ass Erasmo is obsessed! All he and his followers talk about are bike lanes and where he stuffed his fat ass that day. I think Gordito only goes to restaurants so people will believe he's in Brownsville. Pinche fat fuck!

Cantinflas said...

juan wel if these folks in the southmost area reallyw ant these benches etc then they need to put pressure on their city commissioner who represents them, that's the only way they will get them, remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease. If these southmost folks don't apply the necessary pressure then they will not be heard. Just like with the the pub case and Tanaska plant that was never built but rates were increase to fund it folks need to file complaints with the PUC Public Utility Commission in Austin, Brownsville folks are entitled to a refund since nothing was done after all. that's all folks

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I talked to a man whose says he thinks Rose Zavaleta Gowen is really the person running the city and that Mayor Tony Martinez just wants to be a figure-head....just to sit on the throne and be a "ceremonial" figure. That could be true. That is the reason that so much money is being expended on health issue and very little is being expended on infrastructure....unless you consider bike and hike trails as infrastructure. We lost a traffic lane on both 6th and 7th streets to bikes and those "bumps". But bike lanes other places in the city continue to be used as turn lanes or parking lanes. Why only on downtown streets where I seldom see a bike unless it is a "block downtown for biking" event??? It is time for someone to step up and represent the majority of the city?

Anonymous said...

WTF? Did you see that the RGV food bank president made $ 106,000
That's crazy for a non profit. Not even the private sector pays that well. What robbery in the poorest county in the nation. Shameless self serving hypocrite

Anonymous said...

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