Thursday, July 20, 2017


(Ed.'s Note: Former Chief Municipal Judge Ben Neece, now District 4 City of Brownsville Commissioner, will host a post-election fundraiser tonight to retire some campaign expenses with a Casino Night he will hold at the Half Moon Saloon.

The Half Moon itself is a testament to Neece's commitment to the rehabilitation of downtown because – ever since its genesis years ago as the Quarter Moon – is has been a venue for live music and an anchor for the revitalization of this historical district. Before the Half Moon the only live music downtown were the weekend conjuntos in the local cantinas. The rock and roll acts, classic music, jazz and even and even belly dancers featured there brought a diversity never seen in the district before. After that, a number of other venues have opened that include grunge and other genres that appeal to younger audiences.

Since taking office, Neece and his colleagues on the commission have voted for several initiatives they hope will improve the city's mission "to provide safe, efficient, and reliable public transportation with courtesy, concern and professionalism to all passengers, visitors, and citizens of Brownsville."

So far, they have passed initiatives to form audit, budget and agenda committees which will scrutinize the various departments in their performance. The members of the committees have yet to be appointed, but there is no mistake that they want to hold city officials accountable to the public.
Stick your guns and hold their feet to the fire, guys! See you at the Half Moon!)


Anonymous said...

I will be there with shrimp bucks. Sincerely, Mr Shrimp

Anonymous said...

No Tenaska. No Space X No Albertsons, no more Lubys on Boca Chica no Capital One , downtown over taken by transvestites, no Southwest Airlines, no concerts, no riverwalk no choice for electrical providers. Oliveira lucio martinez vela, understand that your services are worthless and will not be needed anymore. You men have failed us. Please go away

Anonymous said...

Bobby Weightman and Jerry Mcfale, please go away. Your services are no longer needed

Anonymous said...

And please Jerry McHale , don't show up to half moon like you are some sort of savior and thinking that you are the main reason Neece won. Go away McHale. Laughing joke of Brownsville. Go hold hands with Tony Gray and drink heavily and pretend you guys are saving the area

Anonymous said...

downtown still looks like shit, Buey! Why lie???????

Anonymous said...

The half moon in much like brownsville, never open for business.