Saturday, July 1, 2017


Refusing to Forget is excited to announce that the historical marker “Matanza of 1915” will be unveiled October 14, 2017, at Cameron County. As we plan the programing events for the unveiling, we would like to take a moment to remember those who were killed during the matanza by Texas Rangers, local law enforcement and vigilantes.

See a partial list of names of those killed.

While their families were not included, it is important to understand the names on the list represented fathers, brothers, sons, and grandsons. The violence of thematanza did not simply affect a single person but families and a community. So please try to attend the unveiling to finally pay respect to those killed, their families, and descendants because it has taken over a hundred years for the state of Texas to finally acknowledge these events.

Importantly the burden of those of us who have carried our families’ tragic stories has been lighten a bit. We can now point to a permanent marker, and say “Look, look, my ancestor’s killing is not some family myth or story. It really happened.” 

Some may argue that we do not need a marker to validate our families’ histories, but that would be akin to asking us to not have a gravestone for our love ones who passed. The marker, like a gravestone, helps provide dignity to those who were wrongfully taken from our community. The marker means they are worthy of being remembered. 

For descendants, like myself, who have carried our families’ stories, it helps fulfill an unspoken pledge not to forget. Personally, I wished my parents were still alive to attend the unveiling, but I know they along with my brother will be there in spirit. So please attend this important moment of truth and reconciliation.

Beside the markers that RTF has worked on, we have begun a campaign to raise funds for converting Life and Death on the Border, 1910-1920 into a traveling exhibit. For the month of July, we wish to raise $30,000. This will represent half of the financing we need for the Bob Bullock to convert the exhibit.

Please help us reach this goal because it has been a year since the temporary exhibit was displayed.

We cannot do it without the community’s donations.

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Anonymous said...

All people good and bad had family, even Hitler. So being killed makes you neither a hero nor a victim. Some of those dead folks probably needed killing and other did not. Those were rough times with rough men.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the list of Anglos killed by Mexicans and Mexicans killed by Mexicans during this troubled time.

You are always so full of one sided bull shit.

Anonymous said...

Wrong. God called these Mexicans back to Heaven for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Interesting! Where in Cameron County will this be unveiled>? Will
you keep us abreast of the event? Thank you!

KBRO said...

We need a marker for Juan Cortina's victims he shot in cold blood and those whose horses he stole and people he betrayed and had executed and it needs to be in Market Square area where he shot sheriff in arm so pigeons will have place to rest their feet and take a shit.

Anonymous said...

Juan Cortina was taking back what Stillman and the rest were stealing from his Mama. What was Shears doing when he was shot? Only one sided from the anglo point of view. So who is right?

Anonymous said...

The man who illegally pulls a trigger on another man is to blame. None of this "he had it coming". The Rinches killed many who they thought had it coming. One standard for all, white,black or brown.

Anonymous said...

Eres un pendejo que le sigue besando el trasero a los amos. Go crawl back under your rock, dumbass.