Thursday, August 10, 2017


(Ed.'s Note: If you have children in school, mark this Saturday, Aug. 12 on your calendar. That's the day that Mike Hernadez's OP 10.33' Cameron County Education Initiative and the Amigoland Events and Convention Center will host a Back-to-School supplies giveaway and bash.

Admission is free and children are required to be present to receive the supplies. The Education Iniciative and mall businesses join several organizations – including the Cameron County District Attorney's Office – to hold a school supplies giveaway for needy Brownsville kids.)


Anonymous said...

I really don't think all these supplies go to "needy" kids. It seems that there are a lot of "well to do" families that take advantage of all these free stuff offerings and the needy kids miss out.

Anonymous said...

You tell a kid he's needy and he'll always be needy. They know they are getting free stuff and it stays them through adulthood. Welcome to Browntown,

Anonymous said...

Needy, my foot. They drive up to the place in Escalades and Mercedes and you see them at HEB with their cart full of briskets, fajitas, ribs to the top of the basket but they have the audacity to go stand in line for a free hand out.
Besides, most of them come from Matamoros and go sell them at the flea market like they do the fans that HEB and Channel 5 collect. I saw a lady carrying
3 boxes (fans). If she could carry 3 at one time, I do not think she was needy. She can still go clean houses or cut grass. If this would only assure the teachers that they would not have to furnish the supplies in the classroom, maybe it would be OK, but I am sick and tired of having the kids fall into the same cycle that their parents have kept them in - probrecito syndrome. Ponganse a trabajar como lo hacian nuestros padres o nosotros para compar papel y lapis. Nadie nos daba nada!!!!!!! Enough give outs!