Tuesday, August 1, 2017


By Ben Cortez
Concerned Citizens of San Benito
Special to El Rrun-Rrun
Mayor and City Commissioners City of San Benito:

Never in the history of San Benito has the image and character been at such a low level. Being named the poorest City in the State of Texas and the recent recordings of the Police Chief make things worse. 

Worse because nothing is being done to correct the situation. While the is no control of how the City got the title of poorest is not under our control. However, the Police Chief recordings are. The recordings of the Police Chief made public by his own stupidity show that this person should not be the top law enforcement official.
Never has the City Manager not been available 24/7. During the recent water breaks he was at his home in Austin. The businesses that had to close because of no water had no idea of what was going on and when the situation would be fixed. 

The City Manager arrived a day later. When a crisis occurs that affect not only businesses but the public, communication is vital from the top. Crisis management is an asset required to keep the community aware.

There have been violations of the City Charter that have been ignored by three of the previous City leaders. The paving of the easement of Roberts Street. The appointment of the Chief of Police was never approved by the City Commission. One recording, then Commissioner Joe D. told Galvan the he had talked with Celeste and Rene and he was going to be the next Chief of Police. Probably the same one that gave him the okay for Roberts Street.
The recordings also show the abuse of office when a sexual harassment complaint was ruled not founded without witness statements. Those witnesses have stated that Galvan did inappropriately touch Officer Andrade. That female officer was not afforded due process. This type of leadership at the Police Department is unacceptable.

The recordings also show the Chief to be a compulsive liar. The comments of certain individuals are not true. He has even lied under oath. Having a City Manager that does not act to resolve problems, instead of ignoring them, is going to bring bigger problems later. I can go on and on about the subject, because there is more


Anonymous said...

No Tenaska, no Space X, no new industry. State Representative lying to people about he all over bill to help teachers and retired teachers and he is caught lying. He just concentrates on taking credit with bills his name is nowhere. He concentrates on brainwashing 6% of the population so they can elect him. The 94% is not taken care of. Actually 100% of his district have not benefited anything in the 34 years he has been public servant. Say no to Rene Oliveira

Anonymous said...

San Benito is the worst freakin' town in America. I went there and stopped at a convenience and asked the fat girlclerk if the store had Advil (for my headache) and she said, "What's that?"

Anonymous said...

there are 150 reps. in the state legislature and only four (4) rank higher than Rene Oliveira. Don't be stupid like the anonymous fat pendejo. KEEP RENE!

Anonymous said...

Mr.De La Rosa what you gonna do about the mess in the city ? Or are you more concerned about looking good so you can get a big raise.

Anonymous said...

How the chips fall. Mr. De la rosa beat out Art Rodriguez for the city manager position in San Benito. And the Art Rodriguez beat out Mr.De La Rosa for the city manager position in Eagle Pass.But my question is why was Mr.DeLa Rosa still in the running for city manager in Eagle Pass if he was already working for San Benito going on 5 months. All about the money.

Anonymous said...

The ranking is based on tenure, not on how well he has done for his district. Wake up! I am tired of Brownsville not progressing because of assholes like Renee! Lining his own pockets and exploiting the mexican american population.


Mr. Ben Cortez, I am glad you attached your name as the author of this blog post: SAN BENE: CALL FOR TRANSPARENCY ON CHIEF'S RECORDINGS

You have become an expert at throwing mud hoping something sticks. You just never learn that actions have consequences. Case in point is your defamation of Encarnacion “Chon” Lopez as reported HERE by El RRun Rrun.

The truth is Mr. Encarnacion “Chon” Lopez was successful in a court of law in his defamation lawsuit against you. The judge ruled in favor of Mr. Lopez and judged against you and now you, Mr. Ben Cortez, owe Mr. Encarnacion Lopez $30plus thousand dollars to Mr. Encarnacion Lopez. You can run but you can’t hide.

Mr. Ben Cortez, please post here in the comments section any city documentation that states that the City Manager has to be present in the City of San Benito 24/7. Communication is vital from the top during a crisis and that is the reason beepers (remember them?) were first and then mobile phones were invented. Everyone who has a mobile phone is available 24/7; all you need is their phone number.

The paving of Roberts Street was not a violation of the City Charter as you allege. The residents on Roberts Street have paid property taxes for the past 20 plus years; they are residents of the City and are entitled for assistance from the city just as any other tax paying citizen. The fact of the matter is the citizens on Roberts Street paid for ALL of the materials in paving the Roberts Street. The city just provided the labor. What part of that is a violation of the City Charter Mr. Cortez?

The appointment of the Chief of Police was never approved by the City Commission for the simple FACT that the Chief of Police and all other city employees are hired/appointed/promoted by the City Manager as dictated by the San Benito City Charter. The only staffs hired/appointed by the City Commission are the City Attorney and the external independent Audit firm through the RFQ (request for qualifications) as per a state statue. All of this is done in an open session. You need to read the City Charter.

Finally, I am confused with your quote “Never has the City Manager not been available 24/7.” I was not an English major but I interpret your statement as saying “He has always been available 24/7”. I could be wrong but when you insert the words “Never” and “not” into your statement, it creates the opposite meaning of what you intended to say.

Thanks again Mr. Ben Cortez for owning up to this blog post.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous @ 4:58 pm

The City of Eagle Pass began their search for a new City Manager after their City Manager was arrested. The search lasted NINE months and Mr. De La Rosa submitted his resume to the City of Eagle Pass at the beginning of the search. After he was hired by San Benito, he did not remove himself from the Eagle Pass city manager search. He had no obligation to remove his resume for consideration. I guess everybody who submitted a resume to the city of Eagle Pass was in the running also.

All of this was explained in an article of the San Benito News.

Anonymous said...

Well maybe he had no obligation to remove resume but common courtesy comes to mind. And there is nothing wrong with having a plan B.

Anonymous said...

LOC GOVT CODE 143.013 (a)(1) Appointment and Removal of Dept. Head. LOC GOVT CODE 143.003 (2) DEPARTMENT HEAD DEFINITION.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere! said...

to anonymous @ 9:25 am..................

this was an INTERNAL appointment of a department head and not an EXTERNAL search for a new Police Chief.

Anonymous said...

Okay so when Morales was appointed CHIEF he was appointed my the city manager and APPROVED by the commission. What's the difference ? That was an INTERNAL APPOINTMENT ALSO.