Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Special to El Rrun-Rrun

Yesterday volunteers from the community packaged and donated 50,000 meals to the Ozanam Center in Brownsville Texas.

The volunteers gathered at the gym of the First Baptist Church in Brownsville to package the meals. Feeding the Children Everywhere is a national organization active in providing free food to hungry children.

Their website states that "Children are experiencing lifelong consequences because of something outside of their control, access to something as simple as a healthy breakfast. 

"This reduces their academic achievement and dims their future success. Research shows that children without a healthy breakfast struggle with lower test scores and increased behavioral problems. That struggle leads to lower graduation rates and the disparity creates a generational cycle of poverty."

The Ozanam Center is a shelter that houses homeless people and recent immigrants. 

According to the national organization, FCE’s line of Breakfast Bites is all-natural and can be served hot or cold, recommended with any popular type of milk. The initial recipe, Apple Pie Oats, is made with puffed brown rice, Scottish oats, real apple and nutmeg. It’s packed with the nutrition kids need to start their day. There’s no sugar added, and the meal also passes the biggest test – it’s delicious!

We applaud the volunteers who donated their time and effort to this worthy cause.


Anonymous said...

Rene Oliveira spends tens of thousands of dollars on liquor partying and taking several different women to dine at Toscafinos Madeiras and Cobbleheads daily when he is here and spends tens of thousands in Austin drinking liquor and dating when all the lobbyist money he recieves for his votes can at least go to the children of his district that are hungry. Self serving bastard

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all who contributed and all who help make this community project successful.

Anonymous said...

Remember the elementary school rule "e" before "i" accept after "c"?
Review your grammar instead of continuously writing about Rene Oliviera. Ya chole con la misma cosa. How much money or cans of food do you contribute, blogger of 2:09? If you have an ax to grind with Rene, go hand to hand or blow to blow. Do it at the State Capitol and have Eddie Lucio serve as your
referee. The other Eddie can wipe your face.

Anonymous said...

8:58 PM.....wtf......chole? You're a fucking idiot DP/M. "accept after 'c'." What a puss. Just like everything else, the Grammar Nazis are going down the tube. Loosers...hahaha

Diego Lee Rot said...

I bet it will be a hard job to find any kid hungry enough to eat that crap

Anonymous said...

How cute the Elizondo family is there, aww kissing ass.... This is the first helping others before they Do For them selfs first.. what a joke

Anonymous said...

There we go again. Free stuff for more huevones. I hope Trump is able to
get rid of all these Raise kids and families who just come over for handouts.
If any kid is hungry it is because it is summer and the schools are not feeding them and Mamita does not get out to cook breakfast or lunch. Comen puros Cheetos y Orange Juice. We always had something to eat, whether it be frijoles con arroz, papas con huevo, huevo con papas, or papas a huevo!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Someone did not take remedial English or was it because he was in ESL.
It was a question, stupid.