Tuesday, December 27, 2016


By Juan Montoya
Well, here we go again.
Like it or not we are being dragged in again to the Robert Wightman roller coaster of legal threats and vexatious litigation. This time it's the blogger's threatening OP 10.33's Mike Hernandez who he and fellow blogger Eduardo Paz Martinez say has hired me to run interference for his organization.

This pair has a flair for fabrication.
In the case of Martinez (who goes by the cosmopolitan-sounding name of DPM, Patrick Alcatraz, etc), his making up stuff goes back to his short stint at the Brownsville Herald when he listed city of Brownsville spokesman Bill Young as the contact person for a fabricated Elvis impersonator fete at South Padre Island. Young was livid when people started calling him on the event and his complaints got back to management who were not pleased that their First Amendment media organ was used to perpetrate a hoax.

In the other blogger's checkered history is included his disbarment for defaming judges in Dallas. When he continued to perpetrate the fraud that he was a lawyer who could practice law, he was dragged into court and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor instead of a felony and received a 10-day sentence in the county jail. (For an extended introduction to this guy's mind, see http://thewightmanfile.blogspot.com

We don't know what Hernandez told DPM, but we can say he has never paid me a single penny.

In fact, we don't even have his email or that of his organization in our files. We really see no need to contact them since they have made their intentions known in social media, news stories and in advertisements throughout the city. Local people who believe that the Dallas car dealer's intentions are good have supported this blog in the past as have numerous other people in the city and the county.

We have, in fact, helped Jose Angel Gutierrez promote his grassroots organization efforts gratis even though he has a standing offer for us to assist him in his work. We would just rather continue what we do on our own. Where we can agree on a social goal to improve our area, we can work together. Newspapers do that all the time promoting things like the United Way, supporting various social improvements, education, etc., Not that we haven't criticized the sloppy way that Hernandez went about with his political agenda that included a ham-fisted "targeting" local politicians. Where we disagree, we have made it very public as have others.
We would include a lengthy list of the people who we support and who support us, but we don't feel we have to justify ourselves to these two self-appointed paragons of virtue.

DPM periodically appears and disappears now on this blog and then on that blog or another and bloggers Jim Barton and even Wightman have posted his private messages which are disgusting and downright evil. Dragging Barton's wife Nena and mocking her for having suffered several strokes in malicious and hurtful. DPM does not care about collateral damage since he doesn't even live in Brownsville.

Wightman, on the other hand, is jumping for joy over a demand letter that Hernandez's legal representative Frank Hill has sent him asking him to refrain from calling Hernandez a "fraud" and "con man." When Hernandez sent a similar letter to blogger Jerry McHale, Wightman felt left out and immediately posted the same words in his blog. He sees a deep pocket in Hernandez and is salivating over a big pay day.

Wightman is the quintessential Tar Baby. It's like getting into a pissing contest with a skunk. You may win, but you will be smeared and carry the stench as long as he has access to his personal computer. And his oft-repeated claim that he got a $60,000 settlement from Robert Sanchez and me for his bogus claim that we defamed him is just as false. And he is utterly predicable. If he takes offense at a post in this blog, you will see my mug shot on his page minutes later.

After two years of protracted litigation, demand letters, motions, amended motions and the like, the three insurance companies had spent $250,000 or more in legal fees and Wightman's appeals of his losses in district court and even the Texas Supreme Court was just costing them too much to be worth it. So each chipped in $20,000 to make him go away. Neither Robert nor I agreed that they should pay him, but they could not justify the expense any longer. Just before his constitutional challenge of the vexatious litigant statue was to be shot down on appeal, the companies pulled out. Wightman lucked out and he knew that and took the cash and ran.

We had pointed out Wightman's foibles before we had even heard of Hernandez or OP 10.33. This narcissistic mental midget has left a long trail of legal maneuvering that resulted in having taxpayers pick up more than $40,000 in defaulted student loans when he argued to the U.S. Dept. of Education that he was a disabled veteran.
And he fought tooth and nail our efforts to get the Cameron County Appraisal District to reveal the documentation which he provided them to give him disabled veterans tax discount.

In fact, Wightman served all of a year and  a half stateside as a plane mechanic and his only "injury" was a condition that was linked to his homosexual life style.
His rap sheet is long and colorful. Below is a partial list of his peccadilloes.

Not paying his student loans, getting military-connected disability tax property tax reduction
Continuing efforts to claim he's a disabled vet:
His sanity questioned:
Jailed for practicing law without a license after being disbarred:
Wightman's legal antics:
The use of his health as a legal strategy:
Wightman sues President George W. Bush, Attorney General, FBI director, etc.

We don't know why Dallas seems to see Brownsville as a depository for rejects like Wightman. We just wish they would stop.


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Anonymous said...

DPM tried to "interview" me on Facebook, but it was obvious he was seeking dirt on a friend of mine. I can't stand the guy! He's yukky.

Anonymous said...

Attack Blimp, not DP-M, Juan.

Anonymous said...

CASCOS 2018.....
To be continued

Anonymous said...

Juan, el D-PMS wrote just a day ago on his blog that he was not going to retaliate on what was written about him. That he was going to be a better person. That he was going to bite his lip at bad things said about him. So what does the old Beatles wannabe do? Comes after you like he said he wouldn't. What a dumbass this guy is. Vato BOFO!

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"Attack Blimp, not DP-M, Juan."

So says the limp Imp!

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Fuck Cascos . .....and Cris Valadez, too!