Thursday, June 15, 2017


Special to El Rrun-Rrun
An accident involving trucks being sent into Latin America by local transmigrantes has resulted in the death of a Guatemalan man who was crushed when a semi-trailer cab slipped off its moorings and killed him.

Authorities have identified him as 43-year-old William Francisco Samayoa Vasquez from Guatemala. They said the fatality was being viewed as an accident and doubted that further investigation would result in any charges being filed against the company where the trucks were parked for further transfer.

The accident took place Wednesday evening. It was unknown whether Vasquez was traveling alone or was part of a in  a convoy headed south. The accident happened at Transmigrantes Vida Nueva, 30471 Rangerville Road in San Benito, according to the Cameron County Sheriff's Dept. That business is owed by Florentino PiƱon who was unavailable for comment on how the man came to be trapped under the semi truck.


Anonymous said...

Just like it happened on the transmigrantes yard, it can happen on the interstate especially when nothing is done when they are pulling up to 3 junked cars on the high way, half asleep from driving all night. There ought to be more controls over all these potential accidents and deaths.

Anonymous said...

Time to shut them down

Anonymous said...

Looks like a hoax ! He's faking it to bring awareness to the hard labor of every transmigrante !!