Thursday, June 15, 2017


By Juan Montoya
Ask any Mexican food connoisseur of Mexican food where you can find the best caldo in town and invariably they will point to Las Casuelitas Restaurant.

The original Casuelitas is located at 952 N. Adams, on the south corner of 10th Street and E. Adams, just down the street from the Brownsville Central Fire Station. This was the original Las Casuelitas and a Casuelitas #2 is open on 220 Palm Blvd.

Although I prefer mine with less carrots than what the plate comes with, the overall recipe is a winner. The Las Casueluitas restaurant downtown has a picture collage of the original owner – a woman since deceased – with all her grandsons and family.

In some photos she is in Rome, or other European cities. The woman's sons now run the businesses and have remained true to the original taste and seasoning. A photo of her shows a no nonsense woman who pushed her sons to labor there and was a friend to long-time customers.
They even have a copy of the Brownsville Herald in English and Spanish for the diners.

I don't know how they get the meat to be so soft but you can literally separate the soup bones from the meat with a piece of corn tortilla. And of course, the salsa they serve complements the flavor. A friend of mine likes the cabbage which is cooked to just the right texture.

Listen to the reviews from people who have tried it.

Rene S. of McAllen said: "The first came across this place when I was working as a consultant up in Brownsville. I spoke with some of our staff , since they were natives of Brownsville, and asked where the best place for Caldo de Res was in the city. They were unanimous that Las Cazuelitas was the place to go."

Here's another from Beau S. of Brownsville:  The caldo de res is the best in town. At first sight it looks discouraging small dirty looking wood on the outside. Then you eat the food and you realize never judge a book from the cover. Their lunch plates are amazing as well and flour tortillas pretty big only bad thing I would say is no fountain drinks, can drinks only. My favorite is the picadillo plate very delicious. Try this place you will not regret it!

And yet, some more: "I have to admit when I got there, I thought, 'well it looks like a small hole in the wall, mom and pop place,' and it is. What it also is, is a great place to have a good Mexican home cooked meal.
"I always eat the Caldo when I go, and I would recommend it to any and all who go there. The servings are ample and the tortillas hot. They serve it with good arroz Mexicano, lemons and chile casero. But they'll give you fresh chopped chile and cilantro if that is what you like."

A colleague, my compadre and I went today and we all had the Caldo and came away full and content we all would give them a thumbs up."


Anonymous said...

Doing restaurant reviews like Duardo now, juan?

Anonymous said...

PRO-LNG!!!! We NEED jobs, guey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've never been there, even though I know where the place is. I remember back in the days when downtown was active and the place was there.
If you want to taste mexican caldo de res, go to LA MICHOACANA across from Porter HS. Soft meat,fresh vegetables, almost as good as the one served in the "fondas" in Michoacan, Mexico.

Anonymous said...

This location goes back to way back when it used to belong to the Toriz family where they had a fruit stand and most importantly, the Christmas Trees that were sold there. The place is or should be a historical place in the
downtown area and maybe Mayor Blue Jean should buy it and renovate it like he is doing the Valentin Store. I personally like the caldo at International Coffee Shop at Cleveland and International Blvd (not to be confused with the
Brownsville Coffee Shop). This one belongs to Christy who has the best comida corridas in town and a beautiful loving family atmosphere. It is always packed and that is the only problem for the parking lot is never empty.
Give the milanesa de Don Elias (Nuevo Leon de Matamoros owner once) and I can
bet you will go back for more.

Anonymous said...

Looking for a free meal huh juanito

Anonymous said...

Best caldos ? Im sure it has a mystery meat !! Its an antique ? for sure full of roaches and rats !!

Anonymous said...

They may have the best caldo in town but SAN BENITO has the BEST CAPIROTADA IN THE LAND.

Anonymous said...

You are right, best caldo de res in Brownsville

jerry said...

Take a picture with beef not carrots this looks like carrots soup.

Anonymous said...

International Coffee Shop has the best Caldo de Res!!

Anonymous said...

The recipes for the caldo and other Mexican specialties were originally from the San Fernando area and vicinity in Tamaulipas. The man credited for those recipes was Mr. Rene Cardenas and wife Irma Martinez de Cardenas, both from the San Fernando area. The Cardenas family owned and operated the Las Cazuelitas Café back in the 70's and 80's. They leased the premises from the Zavaleta Family. The Cardenas Family sold its interest in the café to the current owners mother who is now deceased. Mr. Cardenas passed away in 2004. The Zavaleta Family, as well as the current owners and lifetime customers attended the services. And yes, I have never tasted a better prepared caldo de res. I should know, I helped my parents Mr & Mrs Cardenas prepare it every day. :)