Sunday, June 18, 2017



And I won't be there
you'll cry

you pinched your hand
when playing ball
got hit, or fell...
or things don't go so well

Or to exult with you in victory
or soothe the agony of your defeats

While others turn and find someone
to share with them their joys
or pains

you'll be alone
I will be gone

Arrows that soar
from miles away
unseeing, find me

In sleep, I dream
of shielding you from all

Instead, I lie awake
and feel you from afar.


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Anonymous said...

Fathers, if you are going to leave your kids:

Don't be a dumb fuck who bails when the kid is a teenager, exactly that moment when they need you the most, even though they don't act like it. If you are going to be "that guy" who bails on his kids, do it when the kid is a baby 1-5 years old and won't remember you. Give the mom and baby a chance to find a new dad who the kid will always think of as their real, stable, always-there dad. Don't be jealous, after all, it was your decision to go. Be grateful, that your baby will grow up knowing there was always a man there, a real man, a real dad, they can rely on 24/7. Unlike you, let's be honest.

Leave early if you must. Don't bail right at the moment when they need you most, when the kid is 12-18, the hard teenage years, when a real man's strength is needed critically, to guide, to mentor, to set an example, to set rules.

If you want to make a run for it with some slutty ho, do it when they are babies. Or wait and stay for the course till they are out of college. This is basic human decency.

Anonymous said...

Say no to Oliveira he has no respect for families or thee Dad