Saturday, August 5, 2017


It starts to squeeze and push us 
Before we're even born

While still within colloidal fluids
A floating, disembodied, mass of flesh

It pulls and pushes us around

And when finally, our mothers, weary
Spill us out on our own

We're pulled and pushed as we are born

It will tug and push us
from there on

As time goes by
And cartilage fuses into bone
The force is constant
To take us home

The force that soars and 
Reaches for Sun and Stars
Is held at bay
Pegged to a shore

At middle age, our buttocks sag
Cheeks grow gaunt and long
And bloated bellies strain and pulls us all around

It's not diet,
Big-boned, genetic,
Being flat-footed,
Or saturated fats

Not face lifts
Or tummy tucks
Deter it

It's mass and weight
Combating in time and space

And then, when bones can't bear the weight
And we grow old and short,
And like Prufrock
We'll wear our trousers rolled

We'll lie inert, and yield to it at last
And the lifelong tug and push
Of Mother Earth...

Its Gravity...
Or something relative to that
Will pull/push us into to her

And take us back


Anonymous said...

Gravity does not pull us down, it pushes us down. Newton got it wrong, Albert I. Got it right. Stick to what you know, like dirt poor Mexicans and beer joints.

Anonymous said...

You're a low-class Mexican, juan. You know you are

Anonymous said...

Then the Mexican "la jaiba" gets you and you are doomed.