Saturday, August 5, 2017


By Juan Montoya

At first blush, we couldn't tell what the campaign poster affixed to the metal marquee at Capt. Bob's Restaurant on Price Road meant.
Was it an anti-border wall advertisement? Or was it a message to border residents to stand up against Donald Trump's plans to build a border wall across the entire length of the U.S. Mexico border?

And who was Vicente Gonzalez? As far as we knew, there was no such politician in Brownsville or Cameron County. Since he is pictured on the opposite side of the Rio Grande by the Old Bridge, we figured it might be District 34 U.S. Representative Filemon Vela's counterpart on the Mexican side, you know, a diputado del congreso Mexicano.

We looked a little deeper and found out that Gonzalez is actually the U.S. Rep. for District 15, in neighboring Hidalgo County. He has introduced bills to rescind funding for Trump's border wall as well as a bill that would allow U.S. Armed Fores veterans who have been deported to go through the naturalization process abroad and be allowed to return to the country they served.

Vela, on the other hand, has been strident in his rejection of Trump immigration policies and the construction of the border wall. He says on his website that:

"President Trump’s endorsement of policies that rip families apart and slash legal migration to the United States is stupid and shortsighted.
The idea that poor immigrants are a drag on society is simply not true.

He seems to forget that his own mother, Mary Anne Macleod, came into this country from Scotland as a domestic worker, with only fifty dollars in her pocket.
In other words, this policy would have barred entry to his mother. And without his immigrant, low-wage mother, President Trump would not exist today.

If that's not the height of hypocrisy, then I don't know what is."

On August 1, Gonzalez wrote Texas Gov. Greg Abbott:

"Last week, I filed the Repatriate our Patriots Act in the U.S. House of Representatives with Congressmen Don Young of Alaska and Beto O’Rourke of Texas as original co-sponsors. This bipartisan legislation would allow deported veterans who were honorably discharged or released to go through the naturalization process abroad.

"This excludes those who have been convicted of crimes such as voluntary manslaughter, murder, rape, sexual abuse of a minor, child abuse, and/or terrorism. The legislation would have the Attorney General cancel or rescind a removal order that effects any eligible veteran, and subsequently change his or her status to legal permanent resident. 

"It would also require the Secretary of Homeland Security to create a program and application procedure to allow veterans, who are eligible and were removed prior to the bill’s enactment, to return to the U.S. as a lawfully admitted permanent resident. 

"Veterans who meet the bill’s requirements would also regain access to all military and veteran’s benefits. Finally, the bill would require the Secretary of Homeland Security to identify and maintain records of immigration cases involving qualifying veterans."

Both men probably figured that since they see eye to eye on the wall  and Trump's immigration policies, it stands to reason that they would run for re-election together. Both congressional districts are the so-called "fajita districts" that stretch from the river and go all the way up to the areas outside San Antonio, with Vela's skirting Corpus Christi. Do Gonzalez's campaign signs also feature a photo of Vela?

The congressmen probably figured their constituents would like to see that there is another congressman who will support their incumbent against the forces of evil in Washington, D.C.

Will it work? 


Anonymous said...

Is Oliveira really getting married or this another one of his ploys to skirt along another girlfriend for awhile?

Anonymous said...

If Filemon Vela is so determined to fight the border wall....why is he, like the Brownsville City Commission, so late in their objections. Where were their objections when Clinton proposed the wall and Obama built it???? A bunch of Democratic hypocrites.

BobbyWC said...

Congress has already said they will not fund the wall. General kelly the new chief of staff has said the wall is not needed. This is a dead issue with politicos standing for the side which has already won. same old typical BS political moves

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I am happy that Vela is helping and supporting Mexico and illegals and doesn't give a shit about the taxpayers of Brownsville.

Anonymous said...

Sucio oliveira and sucio lucio shoe salesman say nothing. Ladies and gentlemen they seem to suck. We would like to hear what Cascos and Trevino think. What about Tony Martinez? Jerk Offs

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
If Filemon Vela is so determined to fight the border wall....why is he, like the Brownsville City Commission, so late in their objections. Where were their objections when Clinton proposed the wall and Obama built it???? A bunch of Democratic hypocrites.

August 5, 2017 at 2:56 PM

OBAMA DIDN'T BUILD ANY WALL. The wall started to be build during George W. Bush, it continued during William Jefferson Clinton and Obama only completed what had already been approved by 2 previous presidents and congress. You want to talk about hypocrites, START by giving real FACTS not the "alternative" suits your agenda reality.
Think I am not giving you facts? CHECK WHITE HOUSE HISTORICAL FACTS on former presidents accomplishments. I am NOT a fan of any of the above mentioned people BUT I disagree with people that based on THEIR personal agendas throw LIES around.

Anonymous said...

I know why they're silent - because they lack a communications director, but to have one could be a double edged sword.

Since they like to live life on both sides of the isle, if they begin a communications program, they would have to broadcast everything they do, including doing things that goes against their campaign promises, or doing thing that are oposite of their political ideologies and their constituent ideologies.

So in order to save face, the political cost of staying silent, is far less that the cost of broadcasting what they really do. So when campaign comes around, they have bullshit, i mean, they have a list of "everything" they've accomplished for your.

LOL.. parecen babies.