Wednesday, August 2, 2017


By Juan Montoya
This is the way the smoke from the hot rumors swirling around the fire house is being interpreted in various quarters in the City of Brownsville.

There was an audit conducted by the city on the Brownsville Fire Dept. based on a Brownsville Police Dept. investigation into the ambulance operations of the fire department that resulted in a 35-page document which was presented by the Cameron County District Attorney's Office to a grand jury.

The grand jury, just a few weeks ago, hauled City Manager Charlie Cabler and City Attorney Mark Sossi before them to explain their role in the matter. After that appearance before the grand jury, the city instructed the police department to issue citations to Intercity Ambulance Emergency Medical Technicians, LLC (“IAEMT”) because they were not licensed to operate as required by the city charter.

Reports from different sources in the medical community indicated that the ambulance was no longer being called to transfer patients and that police were issuing their vehicles citations.

Fire Chief Carlos Elizondo has long been linked to Intercity Ambulance through its owner Justin Oakerson. Sources say that Elizondo and Oakerson have been associated with the company's operation before Elizondo was appointed chief. Some fire department personnel also claim that department dispatchers were instructed to call that company when there was a patient transfer request at local hospitals and adult day care centers.

The rrunrrun is that the findings were such that it caused the city administration to investigate the issue that brought the matter to the fore and some action (in anticipation of possible grand jury indictments?) had to be taken to save the city from getting smeared with the bad publicity and financial liability.

The matter apparently came to a head at last night's executive session meeting of the city commission and was later addressed at a confrontation with the fire chief today where he was presented with the investigatory package outlining the alleged misdeeds in the department that included not only the ambulance issue, but other issues dealing with the department's administration as well.

At least three commissioners, Jessica Tetreau, Joel Munguia and Ben Neece were said to have met with Elizondo today. However, since Cabler was busy dealing with his brother Robert's untimely death, and nothing was apparently resolved pending his return. Only city management can take measures that would result in demotions, terminations, etc., of city personnel.

Sossi himself came under scrutiny when his protests that moving against the fire chief would result in litigation led some to ask whose interests he was representing, Elizondo's or the city's.

Now the guessing game has begun.

Will any of the principal rumored to be involved be asked to resign or face termination? Or is there no basis for the billowing clouds of smoke emanating from the city and fire department administration offices?


Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen. You don't know local politics. you are too emotional, like a vieja, and you only attack your enemies and those who don't pay you. WayTaGo, Mexican!

Anonymous said...

More of political motivated bad decision making on the part of key players within the city. As citizens we deserve the right to have emergency service when needed. I say leave the other company to handle nonemergency calls so that our paramedics can respond to all emergency calls in a timely manner. This case smells stinky, and I do believe the city will see a lawsuit stemming from the fact that they did not allow Intercity Ambulance Service to continue to operate. Again our notorious bunch of losers will cost us more money. Money that could have been spent buying new equipment, vehicles ....etc
Enough is enough people these leaders will not change until held accountable for their lack of action and poor decision making. The blood of the innocent is on the hands of all who work their own agendas!! Good luck and PLEASE God bless Brownsville !!

Anonymous said...

Its time Brownsville had a real city manager, not just an ex-cop who knows where all the skeletons are hidden. Charlie is a nice guy, but does not have the training, education or experience to manage a growing city. He does follow orders, and the city commission surely wants someone they can control and dictate to. Unfortunately, with a bunch of wing nuts on the city commission, we will continue to encounter these "bad situations" resulting from poor management and "who you know" hiring practices.

Anonymous said...

It's "all about the Benjamin's"

There is a lot of money at stake in the operation.

You may be right about private companies handling non emergency transports. What is outright WRONG is the lining of Chief Elizondo's pockets while at the helm of BFD.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is and will ever change, the compadre system has, is and will always be in effect to whoever benefits from it. Money talks and bullshit walks. No matter who is and who will come in, corruption will always be there. Elizondo, Cabler, Sossy, Martinez, Tetreau, etc... Will get away with it as it always happens, it's until someone with balls and looks out for the people that things will actually change, but I highly doubt that will ever happen, ACTUALLY IT'S NEVER GINNA HAPPEN NO MATTER HOW MANY PROMISES THE CANDIDATES MAKE! ITS A LAUGHING SITUATION AND A WASTE OF TAX PAYERS MONEY.... PINCHES RATAS TODOS ALL THE ONES ELECTED AND THE ONES RUNNING!!!

Anonymous said...

U want stinky ? Go to San Benito.

Anonymous said...

There has to come a time when the City stops appointing and hiring RATS!

THE TAXPAYERS DESERVE BETTER! When is the OUTCRY going to be heard?

Anonymous said...

As much as you criticize this publication, you are quick to defend yourself on it Carlos. Save your bullshit for the unemployment line after you turn in your orange jumpsuit. Nothing but a penis head trying to act righteous while facing the fire of getting caught.

Anonymous said...

When ambulances are outlawed
Only outlaws will have ambulances

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Anyone that defends Rene Oliveira is basically trash and doing the work of the devil. Basically the defender of the homewrecker is more than likely on payroll. Loser

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Everyone commenting and offering their slandering criticism of elected officials and employees and no one says how, where, what ...Mexican Chisme facts just bullshit and ignorance...which further perpetuates what people say about Mexicans "bunch of beaners with no clue" just read the comments ...Puro chisme, no facts...start a grass root effort, get involved, show up to city commission meeting, educate yourself on the local government codes that govern our municipal hablen a lo pendejo...start a citizen committee, demand answers involved ..if you don't have facts that back up what your say...your just an asshole with an opinion and we have a lot of those in the comment more thing!!! Very hard working city employees show up to work at this great city...stop dilegitimizing their work ethic and commitment to service of the citizens of Brownsville with your bullshit unsubstantiated ignorant chisme comments!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

An upgrade, seriously? She's been passed around more than an offering basket!

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