Tuesday, August 1, 2017


(Ed.'s Note: We've asked this question once and we'll ask it again. When there is a need for glass work at the Brownsville Central Library, why is it always this Harlingen company that gets the work? Could it be that the director of Information Services for the city in charge of both libraries himself lives in that fair city? We are sure that there are more than enough qualified glass installers in Brownsville who could do the work.

We have always marveled at how generous Brownsville is to the rest of the Valley and gets no reciprocity from them. Now with the advent of Buy Boards and cooperative purchase agreements, local tax money that could go to local vendors who pay taxes and hire local people goes out to vendors from Houston and Ft. Worth who pay their Buy Board memberships.

Sometimes those local businesses that are not Buy Board members actually give lower prices for goods and services than outside Buy Board and cooperative purchasing members and the money stays in our community. The glass work at the library is but a small example of  of the economic drain of our local taxing entities.)


Anonymous said...

Cause LOCALS don't PAY their TAXES! Herald: lawsuits say property tax delinquency is more than $2 million! Now you know, puto!

Anonymous said...

Cause maybe they're the lowest bidder?

Why throw a stupid question out there? Aren't there more intelligent questions out there?

PS - Juan, the click on street sign, and click on roads to make sure I'm not a robot if fucking getting old.. I'm sick of doing that.

Anonymous said...

Lots of construction going on in Brownsville and vicinity and glass companies are busy. Perhaps the Harlingen business was not only the low bidder, but the only bidder. After living her for 50 years, when I need service, the best option is in Harlingen or even McAllen. Many service providers are "valley wide".

Diego Lee Rot said...

The library is a great place to go hang out if you don't have air conditioning at your home